7-Day Money-Back IPTV Guarantee

We are completely committed to offering a high quality IPTV server at the lowest price possible. And if for any reason you feel that our products did not live up to your expectations or you think that somehow our service did not meet your standards of excellence, we offer a no-hassle 100% money back guarantee for 7 days. In other words, you can get your money back for any purchase made within the past 7 days.

Users can request a refund of their full payment in just a few steps.

After 7 Day Money Back Guarantee

What if you have a problem after using my subscription after the 7 Day Money Back Guarantee period over? and we can’t solve your problem with the IPTV, in this case, we will only get paid for the period that you used the IPTV (1 Month = 11 EURO) and we will refund the rest of your money.

For Example, You buy a subscription for 12 Months for 72 EURO, you only use the IPTV for 3 months and after that, you had a problem and you want to get a refund, in this case, we will get paid for 33 EURO and we will refund 39 tEURO you.

We also strive to make sure our customers don’t get stuck or give up on the process. If you are having any issues at all please contact us. We are a full-service provider and help with everything from generation to installation.